Rhonda is the go-to realtor for Westchester residents seeking homes in Scottsdale.

When she was a kid growing up in Brooklyn and Westchester, Rhonda’s favorite activity was getting lost in the pages of the encyclopedia. Why? Because nothing was more thrilling than learning how things work and finding the answer to why. Rhonda’s need to know is the backbone of her 35-year success in real estate. Especially when it comes to the structural integrity of a home and how and why all the pieces of a property fit together. Her knowledge of construction enables her to be a fierce advocate during home inspections (one of her favorite parts of the home-buying journey).

After ten years working for a Manhattan real estate holding company which owned and operated hotels and apartment buildings, Rhonda brought her tenacity to Arizona where she and her husband moved to build a new, decidedly “un-New York-y” life in Scottsdale for their family. But there’s no question Rhonda is still a New Yorker.  

With her first “grown-up” purchase a subscription to Architectural Digest a few months after she graduated from college (BA in accounting), Rhonda quickly discovered that she loved getting involved in the nitty-gritty of deals. From handling complex renovations to establishing viable pricing to shepherding sensitive negotiations, real estate was and continues to be a creative enterprise for Rhonda. Whether it was in White Plains, where Rhonda renovated her first property, or in NYC, where she oversaw co-op conversions at the Park Royal, or in Scottsdale, where she served as co-general contractor of her 5,000 SF home, real estate is Rhonda’s raison d’etre.

When asked what New Yorkers like most about Scottsdale, Rhonda replies “1) the weather, 2) the stunning beauty of the desert, 3) the quality of life and 4) the fact that it’s not Florida.”